Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Terrible End To A Great Day

So now that my Falcons have completely stunk up the Georgia Dome I feel the need to vent and this might be the only place to do it. Up until now I had been having a pretty great day, saw my lil sis get married to a guy I actually like, my wife looked smoking hot as a bridesmaid, my kids stole the show as the ring bearer & flower girl, and they even behaved and didn't act crazy walking down the aisle. And now my team, who has looked great all season, is getting destroyed by Green Bay and doing all the dumb things they didn't do all season on the way to a #1 seed. And the worst part might be the fact that my brother is a Bears fan & his wife is a Pats fan so if both their teams win tomorrow that's even more crap I have to put up with. Just cant win for losing in this life.

But I guess if the worst I have to deal with my football team losing and catching hell about it I really don't have a whole lot to complain about. I mean it could be worse right? At least that's what people always say, but then again those people could be losers who are just trying to make themselves feel a little better.

Now I guess I have more time to think about what shoes to wear tomorrow now. Might go with some Reebok's since they always seem to ruin a good thing just like my Falcons did tonight. Every time they get a good shoe going they do something to the design to completely screw it up. Sounds like a perfect parallel to the Falcons season.

Oh well, tune in tomorrow to see which Reebok's I pull outta the closet, see you then, Cheapsoles

Getting An Early Start

Well I figured since today was my sister's wedding that I might as well start with my project of wearing every pair of shoes I own (200+ shoes) once before repeating a pair. My thinking was that today was a perfect excuse to wear a pair of dress shoes and how often does that come up for me. I decided to go with the Rockport Seeley Blacks I got from the Footaction Outlet about a year or so ago. They retailed for $110 and if memory serves me correctly I paid $10 for them. Crazy right?

Look I love Footlocker / Footaction (same company along with Champs) but this is another example of their seemingly inane business decisions that that company makes. I mean, what in the world made them think investing heavily into the dress shoe market was a good idea? They bought tons of these dress shoes in multiple styles and brands, even going so far as to build special designed stores in large markets just for selling dress shoes and it all tanked badly. The Footaction Outlets ended up with the majority of the shoes and having to sell them for between $20 and $1 depending on the shoe and brand. Hell I know people who bout 20 to 50 pairs for $5 or less each just to take them to Goodwill or His House to get a tax credit. Because the shoes were brand new in the box they could claim the full retail price of each pair as a donation on their taxes. Even the people who worked at the outlet were getting in on the act.

As for the wedding, it was beautiful and went really well. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and got to see several people I haven't seen in years. Plus it was early enough in the day that I got home in plenty of time to settle in and watch the Falcons - Packers game which is the most important thing. And seeing my wife all dressed up in her bridesmaid dress with her hair looking great and all made up is never ever a bad thing.

Not sure what I'll wear tomorrow but it'll be day 2 of A Pair A Day so I guess we'll both be surprised. See you then, Cheapsoles

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Day Before

So today is the day before my lil sis wedding so it's been a long day. Had to take Mason (my son) to get his suit then go find a shirt to wear myself which ended up costing me $80 or so. Was across the street from the Footaction Outlet (which is a real outlet not one of those fake outlets you see at these outlet malls) but couldn't go since I had to get home and get cleaned up for the rehearsal this evening. Almost went to the Banana Republic store at Columbiana Centre just so I swing by the DTLR in there and see how my boy Jack is doing and to see whats on sale this week but again, rehearsal was more important. Plus he's been out of school all week and I swear if they don't open those schools on Tuesday I'm running away. This week has me dreading summer this year.

Just to let you non-readers know, the black & purple Penny 1's, the Jordan CMFT Viz 11's, and the Jordan CMFT Viz 12's all drop today or tomorrow. The Penny's are the best to me but I also have some different tastes then most. That's one of the bad things about this part of the country, but also one of the best. People here have no real idea how great the non-Jordan retros Nike does are. Like I said yesterday, the Pippens never sell here because the kids have no idea what they are or won't drop $190 on some shoe that's not a Jordan. Plus they are still rocking AF-1's here like they're still in style. It's really kind of sad and one of the worst things about the old shoe business I used to run.

I would buy shoes from the Footaction Outlet and then go out of town to resell them and those country people always wanted AF-1's no matter how much you tried to convince & show them that Blazers, Dunks, & all kind of other Nike's were whats in actual style. No matter how great the shoe was they didn't want it because it wasn't an AF-1. Plus the other huge problem was the fact that they always wanted all-white AF-1s which I hate with a passion. To me the only reason to have a pair is if you need them for work, anybody else who wears them falls into 1 of 2 categories to me. 1) They are someone with no style who can't dress and wants one pair of shoes to match every outfit or 2) they are broke as hell and want one pair of shoes to go with every outfit.

But that's enough moaning and complaining for today so going to sign off for now. Tomorrow's post will be up after the wedding not that there is anybody reading this. See you then, Cheapsoles

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why This Year?

Just wanted to add that I already know I've picked maybe the worst year ever to forgo buying shoes. Jordan &  Nike are dropping an insane amount of retros this year. The cement 3's, the true blue 3's, the multiple pairs of 7's & 11's. Plus 5 pairs of foamposites, new Griffey's, new Penny's and tons of other hottness. And that doesnt even include the standard 90's & 95's that will drop along with the Blazers, Dunks, & SB's so I know I've screwed myself pretty good but the way I figure it, if I can take her someplace really special and make this anniversary special it'll all be worth it....I hope.

Plus, I was just wonderring at what point will Nike & Jordan Brand realize they are overkilling the market with some of these releases? Seriously, is there ever a reason to keep dropping retro 1's to the point that I can get them for as cheap as $30 at the Footaction outlet in Columbia? There are currently 3 different colorways of the retro 1 over there that are on sale for 70% off the original price. Actually make that 5 colorways, I forgot about the Leroy Smith's and the 25th anniversary models they have too. Thats crazy for such an iconic shoe to have been whored out to such a point that people dont even care that it's being released in a new color. I dont even bother getting the 1's when they drop now because I know I can wait about a year and get them for $30 to $40 over there. Same with the Pippens & Half Cents here in Columbia. Hell I can still get the Flint Greys and Cough Drops in certain sizes at the mall if I want. Thats crazy right? But thats Jordan & Nike right now. just water down the market or price stuff outta most peoples range.

A Pair A Day

So this is the first post for my new blog. It's mainly a way for me to keep track of a personal challenge I've given myself this year to not repeat a pair of shoes until i"ve worn every pair at least once. I know for some people this seems like a simple task but I have over 200 pairs of shoes so this will take a little while.

I'm a sneaker addict and have been collecting for years now. However, in addition to this little challenge I've given myself I've also just decided that since this year will be my wife & I's 15th wedding anniversary (not as long a time as you think, it went by in a flash) that I'm not going to buy any shoes this year and instead will be using that money to make this anniversary something really special. My wife almost fainted when I told her this plan but is supportive I can pull it off (but she really doubts it). I did mention to her that just because I said I wont be buying any shoes  doesnt mean I wont accept them if somebody bought them for me, hint hint, then reminded her I wear a size 12 / 13.

My plan for this blog would be to update it each day with the pair I'm wearing that day along with info on the shoe such as when I got it, where I got it, how much I paid, & what it's worth now. I'll probably muse on whatever else is on my mind plus throw out any new sneaker news that might be bouncing around the net. I had planned on starting this on the 1st of Febuary but this damn ice all over the place in Columbia SC has me kinda stir crazy so I pushed it up and plan to start next week on MLK day. Hopefully a few people find this entertaining or find out something but if not at least I'll have my record of what I've worn already and thats what is most important to me.

By the way, wearing some Timb boots today just because of the snow & ice. Hopefully this mess will be gone soon. My little sis is getting married Saturday and would hate for us all to be sliding around in ice on the way there. Oh well, please comment if you read this and let me know what you think eeven if it's to say I am a huge dumbass, thanks.