Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting An Early Start

Well I figured since today was my sister's wedding that I might as well start with my project of wearing every pair of shoes I own (200+ shoes) once before repeating a pair. My thinking was that today was a perfect excuse to wear a pair of dress shoes and how often does that come up for me. I decided to go with the Rockport Seeley Blacks I got from the Footaction Outlet about a year or so ago. They retailed for $110 and if memory serves me correctly I paid $10 for them. Crazy right?

Look I love Footlocker / Footaction (same company along with Champs) but this is another example of their seemingly inane business decisions that that company makes. I mean, what in the world made them think investing heavily into the dress shoe market was a good idea? They bought tons of these dress shoes in multiple styles and brands, even going so far as to build special designed stores in large markets just for selling dress shoes and it all tanked badly. The Footaction Outlets ended up with the majority of the shoes and having to sell them for between $20 and $1 depending on the shoe and brand. Hell I know people who bout 20 to 50 pairs for $5 or less each just to take them to Goodwill or His House to get a tax credit. Because the shoes were brand new in the box they could claim the full retail price of each pair as a donation on their taxes. Even the people who worked at the outlet were getting in on the act.

As for the wedding, it was beautiful and went really well. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and got to see several people I haven't seen in years. Plus it was early enough in the day that I got home in plenty of time to settle in and watch the Falcons - Packers game which is the most important thing. And seeing my wife all dressed up in her bridesmaid dress with her hair looking great and all made up is never ever a bad thing.

Not sure what I'll wear tomorrow but it'll be day 2 of A Pair A Day so I guess we'll both be surprised. See you then, Cheapsoles

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