Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Pair A Day

So this is the first post for my new blog. It's mainly a way for me to keep track of a personal challenge I've given myself this year to not repeat a pair of shoes until i"ve worn every pair at least once. I know for some people this seems like a simple task but I have over 200 pairs of shoes so this will take a little while.

I'm a sneaker addict and have been collecting for years now. However, in addition to this little challenge I've given myself I've also just decided that since this year will be my wife & I's 15th wedding anniversary (not as long a time as you think, it went by in a flash) that I'm not going to buy any shoes this year and instead will be using that money to make this anniversary something really special. My wife almost fainted when I told her this plan but is supportive I can pull it off (but she really doubts it). I did mention to her that just because I said I wont be buying any shoes  doesnt mean I wont accept them if somebody bought them for me, hint hint, then reminded her I wear a size 12 / 13.

My plan for this blog would be to update it each day with the pair I'm wearing that day along with info on the shoe such as when I got it, where I got it, how much I paid, & what it's worth now. I'll probably muse on whatever else is on my mind plus throw out any new sneaker news that might be bouncing around the net. I had planned on starting this on the 1st of Febuary but this damn ice all over the place in Columbia SC has me kinda stir crazy so I pushed it up and plan to start next week on MLK day. Hopefully a few people find this entertaining or find out something but if not at least I'll have my record of what I've worn already and thats what is most important to me.

By the way, wearing some Timb boots today just because of the snow & ice. Hopefully this mess will be gone soon. My little sis is getting married Saturday and would hate for us all to be sliding around in ice on the way there. Oh well, please comment if you read this and let me know what you think eeven if it's to say I am a huge dumbass, thanks.

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