Thursday, March 3, 2011

Air Jordan 4 Retro LS "Lightning"

Air Jordan 4 Retro LS "Lightning"
Tour Yellow / Dark Blue / Grey / White
So like I said yesterday, the girls at Massage Envy had challenged me to wear something I considered special since I told them the pair I wore last month wear nothing special. This lead me to pull out these Air Jordan Retro 4 LS from the "Thunder & Lightning Pack" which released as a Nike Members Only Internet exclusive in August of 2006. There were two different Jordan Retro 4's in the pack. This was the cheaper of the two pairs at $250 and included a Special Edition Jordan T-Shirt. the other pair retailed for $500 and included a Special Edition Jacket. Since I enjoy being married and living I went with the cheaper of the two shoes. Plus, the other pair are in a majority black colorway and these stand out a whole lot more. Both colorways were inspired by the colors of Jordan's Motorcycle Team. The "Lightning" shoe is currently available on for $425 - $450 while the "Thunder" shoe is $950.

This shoes is the first real Jordan Exclusive I can remember buying. To this day I don't believe I have come across anyone in Columbia who has another pair much less the "Thunders". Of course there could be someone who never wears theirs and that is why I haven't seen them. I love my shoes but I bought them to wear them so if you ever see any dirt marks or anything like that in my pics that's why. Not knocking the deadstock / ice'em guy but that's hoarding not collecting to me. Oh well, I know I kept this short but me & the wife are going away for the weekend tomorrow sans kids and we've got lots to do around here. Gotta pack, clean up for the in-laws, and plan out what shoes to take. The next three post will be interesting to do since we'll be in Charleston but I plan to get them all done. Special thanks to my mother and sister in-law for staying at our house with my kids and I'll see you guys tomorrow, Cheapsoles

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chicago Bulls Dunks a/k/a Very Ugly Clown Shoes

Nike Dunk High
"Chicago Bulls" NBA Pack
Varsity Red / Varsity Red / Black / White
Today's shoe is this extremely ugly Nike Dunk that was part of the NBA Pack Nike released a few years ago. This pair was based on the colors of the Chicago Bulls, Varsity Red / Varsity Red / Black / White. While the shoe does have some nice materials the color blocking of this shoe is just flat out ugly. They look like giant red clown shoes thanks to the lack of white or black anywhere that is visible with jeans on. The toe box is a really nice suede and the sides are perforated leather plus they have a heavy duty mesh upper but they just look like a big red mess when you wear them.
                                                                                                       Now you might be wondering why I bought them if I think they are so ugly and there are two reasons, well really three now that I think of it. First, they retail for $80.00 but thanks to the Footaction Outlet I only paid $20 for them and I can't pass up a pair of Dunks for $20.00 no matter how ugly they are. Secondly. this shoe is a perfect example of what happens when I go to the Outlet and I haven't bought anything in a week or two. I end up talking myself into some ugly shoes that I will probably never wear more then two to three times but I have to buy something so these ugly things were my best option. And lastly, the fact they are such ugly shoes intrigues me. Let's be honest here, unless you are a Chicago Bulls fan why would you ever wear this things? So that makes them kind of scarce on peoples feet around here. Well, unless your in a Blood neighborhood around here. Then you might see a few pair, they are red after all. All in all, I think this is the 5th time I've worn these since I bought them over a year ago. And everytime I think it's been with jeans and a plain black shirt. Sometimes it's easiest just to keep things simple.

Tomorrow I won't be keeping it simple, I've got to wear something special since I was challenged last month when I got my massage. They commented on the Dunks I wore last time and I replied they were nothing special so they challenged me to wear something special this time. Should be fun, till then, Cheapsoles.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nike Blazer High, Kick Buttowski, and Phineas & Ferb

Nike Blazer High
Black / White / Varsity Red
So today's pair is this simple yet classy Nike Blazer High in a Black / White / Varsity Red colorway that retailed for $75.00. I got them for $30.00 at the Footaction Outlet about a year and a half ago along with a Roc-A-Wear red & black button up for $5.00. The shoes and the shirt matched up perfectly so it was a easy decision to add these to the collection. The shoe features the word "Titulares" in the insole of the left shoe which is the name of a documentary Nike did a few years ago about young rising soccer stars. Not really sure what these shoes have to do with the documentary since Nike did a "Titulare" Pack already with a white and black Blazer.

These Blazers have a nubck toe box, and a red Nike stitched across the heel. They also used a touch of red stitching along the side of the shoe near the sole. The inner lining is also red along with the bottom sole. These are some really nice Blazers and one of my favorite pair. They dress up really well and I've played them off with dress shirts more then once.

Now for all you people who are late to the party, you guys all need to get on the bandwagon and start watching both Kick Buttowski and Phineas & Ferb on Disney XD Channel. These two shows are insanely good and feature great gags for both the kids and the parents watching with them. Especially Phineas & Ferb, they have great guest stars ranging from Kevin Smith and Seth Mcfarlane to Ben Stiller, Judd Nelson, Steve Zahn, Clancy Brown, and Cloris Leachman. Great gags, great callbacks to previous episodes, and really great movie references for the geeks out there. Trust me just give the shows a chance and you won't be disappointed. Till tomorrow, Cheapsoles

Monday, February 28, 2011

Calling In Sick, Non-Nike Mondays, & My New Blog

Puma Sky High II Vulc NPM
White / Gray / Violet / Black / Flame Orange
In case any other of you noticed, I didn't post anything yesterday because I didn't wear any shoes yesterday. I was a little under the weather and so was my wife so we both just hung around the house and took it easy. We're both feeling much better so today is back to normal. It's Non-Nike Monday and today I just grabbed a pair of Puma's out of the pile and threw them on as I headed out the door to drop my daughter off at daycare.

These Puma's are yet another pair of $10.00 shoes from the Footaction Outlet. They originally retailed for $75.00 so I figured they were worth blowing $10.00 on. Saving $65.00 on a pair of shoes will make any shoe seem worth buying. I tend to do that a lot up there but as I've said before, if I only wear them one time then I figure I got my money's worth out of them. As a matter of fact, I've had these for over a year now and this is only the second time I've worn them. Now that I look at them, I actually like them and might have to move them to the top of the pile once this little exercise is over. They're a cool, funky shoe that if you know what your doing can look really good.

During yesterdays lounging I decided to start another blog that nobody will read called A CD A Day ( I was going through my CD collection on my laptop and external hard drive and I realized that I have tons of Cd's and yet I have never listened to the majority of them all the way through. And when I say tons of Cd's I am not kidding. I worked at and later co-owned a record store so I used to get everything and mostly for free. I brought home stuff I knew I would never listen to but since it was free I took it home anyways. Throw in all the stuff I have bought and it's a pretty massive collection. It got to a point a few years ago that I had to go digital just to save room. i can't have shoe boxes everywhere and thousands of Cd's too. My wife loves but there are limits. So I'm about to pop in my first CD, clean up the house, and start today's first entry into Till tomorrow, Cheapsoles