Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jordan Retro 5 A/K/A Going To Dinner With The Guys And Got To Show Out

Air Jordan Retro 5
Black / Metallic Silver / Fire Red

I'm going to dinner tonight with some of my oldest friends, guys I've known since high school and in one case middle school so I figured I better step out in something a little better then some Blazers or Dunks so I decided to go with these Jordan Retro 5's in the Black / Metallic Silver / Fire Red colorway. These were retroed in 2007 and were first released in 1990. That was right in the middle of my high school years and I remember being jealous of everyone who had these. The Jordan 5 is my all-time favorite Jordan and this colorway is my favorite. Something about the black and silver along with mesh net side panels and the iconic shark fins just makes this shoe a thing of beauty. The shark fins were inspired WWII fighter planes and these were the first Jordans to incorporate the use of shoelace toggles. This version includes the silver 23 on the side also. These retailed for $135.00 when they were retroed in 2007 and are reselling for between $210 on (very limited sizes) to $250 on ebay.

So tomorrow is the NBA All-Star game and the Daytona 500 which makes for a busy and fun day. Pulling for the East team in the All-Star game but I have a feeling Blake Griffin might have his coming out party this weekend. Just have this feeling that he might pour the emotion from the death of his old high school teammate into his performance tonight and tomorrow. But I just think the East Squad is loaded and Lebron and Wade will have a real point guard with Rose and just show out.

As for the 500, that's wide open thanks to the new pavement. This will either be very exciting or extremely boring. I know there are lots of people pulling for Junior and I get it this weekend with it being the 10 Anniversary and all but seriously, has there ever been a guy more loved who's done less then Junior. If he had a different last name he wouldn't even have a ride. Yes his dad was one of the greatest but that doesn't mean you have to have undying love for a guy who isn't any good. Oh well, enough for today, till tomorrow, Cheapsoles.

Friday, February 18, 2011

NIke SB Friday - Marshall Amps

Nike Dunk High Premium SB
"Marshall Amps"
Black / Metallic Gold
Sorry this is going up so late but it's been a long day. Went to dinner with the family for my sisters birthday plus had a ton of errands to run today. OK that's a lie, I went by the Footaction Outlet and got my wife some new Nike Shox Navina's then went by DTLR and argued over who was a better point guard, John Stockton or Isiah Thomas and completely let time get away from me so this is the first chance I've had all day to write anything. I had Isiah by the way, he sucks as a executive but he could ball back in the day. People forget how great he was because of the massive screw ups since he retired but he was crazy back with the Pistons.

So today's shoe is the Nike Dunk High Premium SB "Marshall Amps". These were inspired by the famous Marshall Amp that is used by musicians worldwide. The mesh toe is a ode to the grill covering the speaker while the gold is based on the gold lettering used on the amp. These released January of 2008 and sold for $110. They are reselling for as low as $115 on ebay to as high as $225 on Personally, I would be a little skeptical of the pair for $115 unless they were used. That price seems very low since the average price seemed to be between $150 to $190. Not saying they are fake or anything just saying it seem a little low to me is all. Maybe the guy selling them just doesn't know the market. Keeping this short for tonight, got to get up early tomorrow plus I'm tired. Check back tomorrow since I gotta show out a little. Going to dinner with some old friends from high school so I gotta show up with something nice. Till then, Cheapsoles

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Carnivore's, Bluetile SB News, And Random Thoughts

Nike Air Carnivore
Lot of random stuff for today so might as well start it off with today's shoe. Rocking the Nike Air Carnivore in the Light Zen Grey / Black / Oxidized Green / Purple colorway. They retailed for $110.00 and that's what I paid for them at Foot Locker. When they were retroed last it it was the first time they had been released in 17 years. The original release was in 1993 so this retro has some meaning to me as that was my senior year in high school and I remember when these dropped. I got these the week they dropped (didn't feel the need to get there at 6:00AM that Saturday, they weren't selling out that fast) and have loved them ever since. Almost any shoe Nike retro's from the '90 to '94 era I end up having to get just from the memories of those days plus I couldn't afford them back then and I can now. My wife says that's why I have most of the shoes I have. She's probably right, most wives usually are.
Nike Dunk Low SB Premium

Went to Bluetile Skateboards yesterday to see what was new and to get an update on the "Statue of Liberty" SB's. The word I got was that the "Liberty's" were pushed back to next month and that Nike dropped the J-Pack Dunk Quickstrikes this month instead. These were limited to right around 2000 pairs and are so limited Bluetile only got 6 pairs. They are currently going for around $140 on eBay and they just came out this week. They also have some Blazers they just put on sale for $60.00 and still have sizes in the Gore-Tex Dunk Highs and in the "Yellow Curbs", "Koston Low's", "Miller High Lifes", and "Loons". Most of those are selling for $129.99 on which is over retail. I attached pics below of the best stuff still available up there and suggest you get up there soon as you can to scoop up gear that's sold out everywhere else. Just make sure you let them know I sent you up there. Their number is (803)376-1880 in case you want to give them a call.
Sale Shoe

SB Bruins

Sale Blazer
Sale Blazer
SB Dunk Low "Miller High Life"
Add caption
Now on to the random thoughts stuff, Charlie Sheen on the Dan Patrick Show this week has been amazing. Dude may be be a train wreck but he's funny as hell and has a great, dark sense of humor. The Knicks are idiots if they trade for Melo this year. He wants to go there so just wait and sign him in the off season instead of gutting your team to get him. And the Lakers would be taking a step back if they traded Bynum for him. All Melo does is score, he can't rebound, can't defend, just score. Heard from a lot of people that the Royal Foamposites that dropped last weekend were garbage quality. Nike doesn't seem to care about the quality of the retro's since they know we'll buy them regardless. The new stuff like the LeBron's is top quality since they actually have to sell them to us. Can Powell hurry up and reissue the rest of the Bones Brigade decks for us old school guys. Need a few more for my walls upstairs. Can Nike please reissue the "Gloves" and the Air Flight Hurrache's? Why do the call that trash on VH1 "Hip-Hop Girlfriends" when three of the five women on there aren't anybodies girlfriend much less a rapper's girlfriend? Same with those "Real Housewives" show, most of those stupid tricks aren't married so who's damn wife are they? And why is Jennifer Aniston still considered a star? She makes horrible movies that bomb at the box office and is only in the news because she is constantly getting dumed by the men she dates. Yes she was in a huge TV show but that was a long time ago, nobody is running around still calling David Schwimmer a star are they? And how come Angelina is always called a home wrecker by women but Alicia Keys gets a pass by the same ladies? Alicia broke up a happy family too. Oh well. my head is starting to hurt so I'm done for today, Cheapsoles

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DTLR Sales Plus Today's Beijing Pack Nike Blazer Hi Premium

Nike Blazer Hi Premium "Birds Nest Pack"
Black / White / Varsity Red

Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium

Today's shoe is a pair of Nike Blazer Hi Premium's from the 2008 Beijing Olympic "Birds Nest" pack. The pack also included a pair of Air Max '95s and a Huarache '08. They were called the "Birds Nest" due to the color design on the shoe which mimics the striking design of the stadium in Beijing which was known as the "Bird's Nest". The colorway on the box is listed as black / white / varsity red which totally discounts the blue, yellow, green, and orange in the graphics. The mix of so many colors in one shoe does make it somewhat difficult in trying to match it with a shirt. You can match it to one color in the shoe but you have to careful not to clash with another color in the shoe. The shoe retailed for $90.00 and I got them from the Footaction Outlet (see a pattern here) for $30.00 last year. I've told you guys before that the Blazer is one of my favorite shoes Nike does. It's simple but Nike always does some really great colorways in this shoe. Plus they are a niche shoe, they haven't been over saturated due to some rapper name checking them in a ton of songs. They haven't been AF1'ed to death so you don't have to worry about everybody at the party having on the same shoes as you. As a matter of fact, let me stop talking before I sell you on wearing Blazers too.

The following pics are things I saw at the local DTLR store. All the stores up and down the East Coast should have these in their stores. The only thing I want you to know is that these sales are subject to change at any moment. DTLR changes their sales on regular basis so if you see something you should probably head up there and get it asap before the sale changes. Headed to Bluetile Skateshop in just a few to check on the Liberty SB's. Tll then, Cheapsoles.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Insanity At The Footaction Outlet & Today's Pair - Nike Dunk High Premium "Tennis

Nike Dunk High Premium
Neutral Grey / Hot Red / Varsity Red / Black
I know this is going up late but been a hectic day, so I'm just going to throw today's shoe up here and then add some pics of even more stuff that's up at the Footaction Outlet. The sale is still 50% off Nike's and 60% off the non Nike shoes. Should have some pics of that stuff up tomorrow as they have some nice Reebok Zig Tech and Under Armor shoes in now.

These are some Nike Dunk High Premium's in neutral grey / hot red / varsity red / black which some consider part of a Agassi Tennis Pack along with a similar styles Air Force 1. Both shoes featured the same splatter pattern on the heel which bears a resemblance to the pattern on the Nike Air Tech Challenge which was Agassi's signature shoe. These Dunks retailed for $108.00 and I got them for $40.00 from the Footaction Outlet sometime last year. I just really dug the splatter pattern plus the grey coloring and these are actually decent leathers since it is a premium so it was an easy decision. I am a little upset with myself for not picking up a pair of Agassi's the many times I've seen them at the Outlet. Hopefully they will be back again next year and I can remedy that situation.

Alright, here are the pics of the new men's shoes at the Footaction Outlet. If you need any more info on a pair just hit me in the comments section and I'll take care of you.

This Blazer SP Mid is the last of the men's stuff. The final four pair are some of the new women's Nike's they have on the shelves today.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy Thoughts And The Non-Nike Shoe Of The Day - Reebok Nylon II RBC

Reebok Nylon II RBC
Green / Yellow / Black / Blue / Red
Before I get to today's shoe I have a few thoughts and gripes about last nights Grammy Show. First, quit bitching about Justin Bieber not winning Best New Artist. He shouldn't have been nominated in the first place. His first cd came out in 2009 and went Platinum with 4 hit singles. That would mean he's not a new artist in 2010. Plus Esperanza Spalding is really dope and deserved the award. Second, Justin & Usher's performance was nice but after the performance that B.o.B., Bruno Mars, and Janelle Monae gave it just seemed ok. That B.o.B., Bruno, and Janelle performance was just amazing. The spin Bruno put on "Grenade" made a great song even better (can we get that version on iTunes please), B.o.B. did his thing and showed why he's the smartest decisoin T.I. ever made. And Janelle Monae just crushed it, huge energy, great voice, and stage pressence, that performance will hopefully make her the star she desrves to be. I also want to thank Puff / Puffy / P. Diddy / Diddy / Puff Daddy / Sean Combs, whatever name he's using right now, for not doing his usual meddling with his artists and leaving her alone.

The Lady Gaga performance was a huge let down, I'm not a huge fan of hers but I've always admired her for the craziness of her performances, but last night was tame and dull. The biggest thing I noticed about the whole thing was the fact that she totally ripped off Madonna in her song. "Born This Way" sounds almost exactly like "Express Yourself" and almost every entertainment blogger I read said the same thing. Even Madonna's brother talked about it last night before the Grammy's were over. The thing I asked on facebook last night was if Lady Gaga is a bootleg Madonna then what does that make Ke$ha? If your a rip off of a rip off what are you? I thought the Eminem performance was really good even if the Dr. Dre part was not all that great. Eminem just seemed to have a fire in him and spit his verses with passion. Rihanna and Drake were pretty good but I gotta think Beyonce want her outfit back from Rihanna. Those granny panty booty cutter shorts things she had on are a Beyonce trademark. Mick Jagger showed all the kiddies how it's done and reminded everyone that the Stones started with the blues.

As for that opening Aretha Franklin tribute, it was pretty good and introduced a lot of people to Florence from Florence and the Machine but it was also a lot of over singing by Christina. And seriously, why does she look so old all the sudden? Like I said after the Super Bowl, she looks like Cyndi Lauper all the sudden. Babies and divorce do not sit well with her. Arcade Fire closing the show was cool even if the way the Grammy's did it makes it look like Arcade Fire knew in advance they were going to win. If Eminem had won would Arcade Fire have still performed a second song? Just looked fixed in hindsight. But hey, they had Matt Hoffman out there on the stage so not going to complain to much.

Now on to today's shoe, nothing to special, just some Nylon Reeboks from the Roland Berry collaboration they did a few years ago. Roland is a street artist who I honestly know nothing about but I liked the shoe so I bought it. Plus they retailed for $69.99 and I got them for $10.50 at the Footaction Outlet so if I only wear them once or twice I got my money out of it. I would love to find some old school Cross Colours shirts to rock with these but that will probably never happen. I just like all the bright colors in these and that they always get a reaction from a few people. They are the ultimate 90's colors shoe. They just remind of my high school years and the crazy gear we used to rock back then. Oh well, enough for now, got to clean up before taking my daughter to the Doctor later today. See you guys tomorrow and Happy Valentine's Day, Cheapsoles.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Worst Sunday Of The Year or Getting Some Of The No Frills Out Of The Way

Nike Solo Flight 1
Black / Metallic Silver

Well this is the Sunday I generally consider the worst of the year. It's the Sunday after the Super Bowl and the Sunday before the 500 (the Daytona 500 for those of you who don't know) so there is pretty much nothing going on. I know some of you might say "what about the Heat - Celtics game?" but let's be serious, nobody really cares about the NBA until after the All-Star game. Or at least the trade deadline, that's when we'll know what the teams really look like. So in the spirit of this being a wasted Sunday, I decided to wear a pair of Nike Solo Flight 1's that I just bought on a whim and decided I kind of like so I ended up with 3 different colorways. The shoes aren't special, they aren't a great resale shoe, they are just a random Nike basketball shoe.

The shoe has what looks like a Kevlar upper and some suede around the laces. The colorway is black / metallic silver and they retailed for $88.00. I got them for $30.00 at the Footaction Outlet in 2009 along with a royal blue / black pair and a white / marina pair. We joked up there that the shoe is a cheap Foamposite wannabe but those of you who have a long enough memory can also see the resemblance to the "Gloves" Gary Payton used to rock.

I have a few different models that fall under this nothing special, no frills category that I hope to get out of the way before spring and early summer get here. I'll be out a lot more then so want to wear the good stuff then and not have a bunch of junk left I still need to rock. Think I'm done for now but after I rearrange the furniture in the bonus room and get my new Vision Marty "Jinx" Jimenez deck hung on the wall I got a few things to get of my chest. Make sure you check back later today, Cheapsoles.