Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why This Year?

Just wanted to add that I already know I've picked maybe the worst year ever to forgo buying shoes. Jordan &  Nike are dropping an insane amount of retros this year. The cement 3's, the true blue 3's, the multiple pairs of 7's & 11's. Plus 5 pairs of foamposites, new Griffey's, new Penny's and tons of other hottness. And that doesnt even include the standard 90's & 95's that will drop along with the Blazers, Dunks, & SB's so I know I've screwed myself pretty good but the way I figure it, if I can take her someplace really special and make this anniversary special it'll all be worth it....I hope.

Plus, I was just wonderring at what point will Nike & Jordan Brand realize they are overkilling the market with some of these releases? Seriously, is there ever a reason to keep dropping retro 1's to the point that I can get them for as cheap as $30 at the Footaction outlet in Columbia? There are currently 3 different colorways of the retro 1 over there that are on sale for 70% off the original price. Actually make that 5 colorways, I forgot about the Leroy Smith's and the 25th anniversary models they have too. Thats crazy for such an iconic shoe to have been whored out to such a point that people dont even care that it's being released in a new color. I dont even bother getting the 1's when they drop now because I know I can wait about a year and get them for $30 to $40 over there. Same with the Pippens & Half Cents here in Columbia. Hell I can still get the Flint Greys and Cough Drops in certain sizes at the mall if I want. Thats crazy right? But thats Jordan & Nike right now. just water down the market or price stuff outta most peoples range.

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