Thursday, April 14, 2011

Almost Caught Up a/k/a Loving My New Couch Upstairs & Using This As An Excuse To Stay Up Here All Day Long

So today is the day I finally get caught up on this blog. And I was serious about loving this new couch up here, so comfortable and finally able to really enjoy my hideaway room for the first time since we bought the house 5 years ago. Got the Wii hooked up so I can stream Netflix, mini fridge is stocked, old laptop is hooked up to the speakers and got Pandora Radio going so I am all set. Let's plow thru this last couple of days left.

Sunday 4/10/11 Nike Air Pippen
Colorway: Tar / Sunset / White / Light Taupe
Cost: $160.00 / Paid: $40.00
Bought At The Footaction Outlet Columbia SC
Threw these one because I knew the brown would go great with the green Masters polo shirt I was rocking for the final round Sunday. Sat at the house and watched the drama unfold as Tiger made his run, Rory melted down, and Charl pulled it out with an amazing birdie-birdie-birdie-birdie finish. Not the best final round ever but in the top ten. As someone who grew up in Aiken Sc which is right across the Savannah River from Augusta GA, The Master's is something I can remember watching all my life. Nobody in my house played golf and we never watched any other golf but The Master's was special. As for the shoe, these were Scottie's first signature model and are a great looking shoe in other colorways but not this one. The only reason I bought them was because they were only $40.00. The brown works on lows,or maybe even a Dunk Hi or AF1 Hi / Mid but not on a basketball shoe like this. Too much shoe for this color. But if you dress it up you can get away with it on occasion.

Non-Nike Monday 4/11/11 Adidas Pro Model (Premium) (WonderBreads)
Colorway: White / Blue / Red / Yellow / Green
Cost: $84.99 / Paid: $19.99
Bought At The Footaction Outlet
Grabbed these Monday since they were laying in the bedroom and I needed something that wasn't a Nike to wear. Plus I still needed to due my laundry and let's be honest, these shoes will match all kinda stuff. Just a funky little Adidas that was on sale for $19.99 so I couldn't pass it up. I've always called them the WonderBreads and most websites do also but every so often I hear somebody call them the Polka Dots which is just lazy to me. My wife called them Twister's after the game and I can see that. One of the other bulk buyers at the Outlet told me he was selling the hell out of them to his guys in Japan. They were the biggest thing going over there according to him.

Tuesday 4/12/11 Nike Air Solo Flight 1
Colorway: White / Marina Blue
Cost: $80.00 / Paid: $30.00
Bought At The Footaction Outlet Columbia SC
Wore these on Tuesday just to finish off the set. This is the last of the 3 pairs of Solo Flights I own and is probably the best colorway of the bunch. The white and blue looks really nice especially on top of the clear sole. That's enough about this shoe, I've been through it all before with the other two pairs. Nothing special so let's move on.

Wednesday 4/13/11 Nike Blazer High
Colorway: Cool Grey / Black / White
Cost: $78.00 / Paid $30.00
Bought At The Footaction Outlet Columbia SC
Rocked these on Wednesday as I hung out at the house and enjoyed my new couch which was delivered Tuesday. Trying to bang out the last few pairs of Blazers I have left so I can get them all moved to the new stash spot I have for them upstairs. Really like this pair, the grey, black and yellow look great together and I love that they have a big Nike printed across them as opposed to the typical Swoosh. Like when Nike varies it up every so often, makes things more fun. Got these back in October or November and wore them a good bit at first but had to let them sit after Wiz song blew up and all these clowns jumped on the Pittsburgh bandwagon because some rapper made a song. Bunch of clowns who wouldn't know who Heinz Ward was if he walked up and slapped them claiming to be life long Steeler fans all the sudden. Hate bandwagon bitches. So now that all that has died down I pulled them out and rocked them with a Grambling shirt I've been saving to wear with them. Did actually leave the house for a little so it was worth it.

Thursday 4/14/11 Nike Blazer High (Anthracite Pack)
Colorway: Anthracite / Metallic Silver / Black / Varsity Red
Cost: $78.00 / Paid $30.00
Bought At The Footaction Outlet Columbia SC
Today's Pair!!!! Finally caught up and up to date. Been trying to get here for a while now. As I said above, trying to plow through the rest of my Blazers and after today I only have four pairs left. One pair is not getting worn until Jackie Robinson Day in MLB so that leaves three pairs so I will be done by the weekend. I'll have all of them upstairs and can move some of the unworn stuff into their old spot in the closet. This pair is part of the Anthracite Pack Nike put out a few years ago and is one of the few pairs of Blazers I almost bought for full retail. Luckily I didn't  and I saved myself almost $50.00 as a result. Some people call these the "Olympics" due to the red, white, & blue along with the silver but that's not official. Just a nice solid Blazer in a simple but very effective colorway.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back In The Saddle, Well Not Entirely But I'm Getting Closer

So here we go with the rest of the catching up posts. I realized when I looked at the worn shoes pile that I had to many pairs in the post for the week of March 28th thru April 3rd. Aside from that everything else was correct so let's continue getting caught up.

Monday 4/4/11: Adidas Samba (Def Jam)
Colorway: Black / Metallic Silver / Run White
Cost: $75.00 / Paid: $30.00
Bought From The Footaction Outlet Columbia SC
Rocked these on Monday April 4th for all of about 30 minutes when I went to get some food. My wife and kids were still in Norfolk at that time and I had got back from Atlanta around 4:00 AM so I had no intention of doing anything more then laying around the house and relaxing. When I got hungry and realized there was nothing in the house I just grabbed whatever non Nikes wear laying around the house and headed out the door. In a way I guess I wasted a really hot shoe on a throwaway day but I have plenty more. Do love the Def Jam logo all over the shoe. As somebody who grew up during Def Jam's heyday these shoes probably mean a little more to me then you youngster's. Do your research and maybe you'll understand. Plus it's a Samba and those look good in almost any colorway, A true sneaker classic.

Tuesday 4/5/11: Nike Blazer High
Colorway: Black / White / Radiant Emerald
Cost: $78.00 / Paid: $30.00
Bought At Footaction Outlet Columbia SC
Wore these last Tuesday when I went to get a massage at my chiropractor's office from one of the massage therapists on his staff. She did an amazing job as usual and I didn't have much else planned for the day so wore something easy to match and put on. The family was coming back that day so I needed to clean the house and that was the most important part of the day. Love the colors on these, the emerald on the sole really pops especially against the black. Missed out on the AM90's in this colorway. Got these Blazers the same day I got the Ohio State's from last week plus the pair I have on today. At $30.00 a pair up at Outlet it's almost impossible for me to turn down any pair of Blazers I see up there.

Nike Air Force 1
Colorway: White / Dark Army / Tweed
Cost: $80.00 / Paid: $80.00
Bought At The Foot Locker Dutch Square Mall Columbia SC
Think I wore these either Wednesday or Thursday of last week just not sure which day. Just a throw away pair of AF1's I have laying around upstairs. The box got destroyed at Footlocker before I bought the shoes so these shoes have kind of become a pair of errands, yard work, cleaning up shoes. They really appealed to me when I got them and matched some shirt I owned at the time so I got my money's worth out of them before regulating them to secondary status. Whichever day I didn't wear these I wore the Hyperdunks from the last post so we'll be jumping to Friday with the next pair.

Friday 4/8/11: Air Jordan 2009 HOF (Hall Of Fame)
Colorway: Black / Varsity Red / White / Metallic Gold
Cost: $200.00 / Paid: $60.00
Bought At The Footaction Outlet Columbia SC
So I pulled these out to wear Friday when I went to the chiropractor and ran some errands with the family. Not sure where all we went but I wanted to wear something a little classy and no matter what people think of the Jordan 2009 but the HOF colorway looks really sharp with the patent leather. Wore a nice Ecko polo shirt with the shoes and some dark jeans and the shoes really popped. Plus it's hard to turn down $200.00 shoes for only $60.00. Add to that the fact that I didn't have any 2009's and needed a pair for the collection and why not these. The HOF pack also included yet another Retro 1 (seriously, somebody tell Nike Jordan we don't need any more Retro 1's for about 3 years or so. They have flooded the market with them and it's time to take a break.) and a pair of 6 Rings. I don't wear 6 Rings (gimmick shoe for high school kids) and I have enough Retro 1's so this is the only pair from the pack I got. I like the shoe and think it looks nice in this colorway (only this colorway by the way). I already have my eye on some 2010 colorways that I'm sure will be at the Outlet next year. If anybody actually wants a pair of these has them for only $134.99 in almost every size.

Saturday 4/9/11 Nike Air Morgan Low
Paid $10.00
Bought At The Nike Clearance Center Orlando Fla
I have now real info on these shoes other then I got them while on vacation in Orlando about 4 or 5 years ago from a Nike Clearance Store for only $10.00. Just saw them on the shelf and grabbed them since they were so cheap. Threw them on last Saturday to wear while watching the Masters and the race at the house. Just something to wear in when I have no plans at all now. Only pair of Morgans I will ever own as I hate them. I hate most of the 6.0 line for that matter, just a bunch of fake SB stuff for the posers who shop at Pac-Sun.

Enough for now, finish catching up tomorrow.  Till then, Cheapsoles

Monday, April 11, 2011

Back In The Mix Again...a/k/a I Been Slacking & Know It

Been a minute I know, sorry about that but between me feeling lazy for a little while and Spring Break having the wife and kiddies home last week things have been slacking on my end. But I awoke this morning to an empty house and felt the itch again so here with go with the catch up. Bumping some NY shit and feeling good so lets get started. Gotta be honest with you, been so long that not sure what day I wore some of these but I'll try to put the dates with the ones I remember. Gonna keep this pretty streamlined till I get caught up.

Monday 3/28/11
Fila WeatherTech Leather (Wu-Tang Boot)
Colorway: Wild Dove / Black / Lemon Chrome
Cost: $99.99 / Paid $50.00
Bought At The Footaction Outlet Cary NC

Rocked these on Non Nike Monday last month during the stretch of rainy days that always seemed to clear up by the time I left the house to start my day. Had these for a while now, soon as I saw them at the Footaction Outlet in NC I had to cop them for myself. As someone who graduated in '93 these Wu-Tang boots were right in my wheelhouse. Rocked 38 Chambers to death back then and still bring it out when I wanna feel a little grimy or am hanging with friends from that era. The week after I got these the Outlet in Columbia got these in and I moved a ton of them to guys around my age. Got them for $40.00 and flipped them for $60.00. This colorway did pretty well but the brown color did great. Had a pair of those in my size also but flipped them when I saw how they were moving. One of my problems, love shoes but love money too. Always tell myself that they'll get another pair in so I can replace them but sometimes that blows up in my face. Oh well.

Air Max 90 Leather
Colorway: Blur / Estadio / Marine
Cost: $90.00 / Payed: $59.99
Bought At The Foot Locker Dutch Square Mall Columbia SC
I know I wore these sometime between the March 29th & April 1st but not really sure which day starting that part of the list with these. Just a AM90 I got a few years ago when they went on sale at the Foot Locker in the mall my old record store was at. This was before I discovered the Footaction Outlet so I thought $59.99 was a great deal, later I found out I could have got them for $30.00. Joe Public (that means live and learn to those of you too young to remember Joe Public and their one hit). Love that Nike considers gold to be Blur but doesn't have a name for the crazy strips all over the toebox. Nice little shoe I rock when I'm bored and want some attention.

Nike Blazer High
Colorway: Metallic / Silver / White / Sport Red
Cost: $78.00 / Paid $30.00
Bought At The Footaction Outlet Columbia SC
These fall in that same time frame as the last pair. These are some nice Blazers I've seen called the Ohio State's on a few sites due to the gray and red and round skulls stickers on the heel which bring to mind the helmets of the Ohio St Buckeyes (most over rated, over hyped team in history). I just grabbed them at the Outlet one day when I grabbed about 6 different Blazers they had in stock. Got a few UnderCrown shirts I got from there to that match the silver in the shoes so it was a no brainer to scoop them. Yet another Blazer in the stash, maybe I should count how many I have one day.

Nike Air Solo Flight 1
Colorway: Black / Varsity Royal
Cost: $88.00 / Paid: $40.00
Bought At The Footaction Outlet Columbia SC
These got worn because my daughter picked them out for me. We played our lil' game where I don't put on any shoes in the morning and when we go to get in the car to head to daycare she picks a pair from the stacks in the garage. That morning I pulled out the two pairs of Solo Flights I haven't worn yet and she picked these over the white pair. Grabbed these from the outlet during the phase when my shoe business was really rolling and I would get anything that caught my eye. Liked the blue in these and knew not to many people would be rocking them so figured why not. Ended up with three different colorways. Good ol' days.

Nike Air Force 1 High Premium
Colorway: Anthracite / Army Olive / Black
Cost: $175.00 / Paid: $40.00
Bought At The Footaction Outlet Columbia SC
These were also picked out by my daughter. She told me to get a black box and I pulled these down. Got these during one of the really good periods at the Outlet when they had all kinds of stuff in stock and at the lowest price points. Got theses for only $40 and flipped them for $65.00. These are part of the Charles Barkley AF1 collection that came out a few years ago. I have one other colorway in them pack I might rock soon. The AF1 has always been a weird shoe to me, it just look funny sitting on the shelf. Something about the way the laces cut back in at the top. But on your feet you don't notice it so guess it works out. Just love getting any shoe that retails for $175.00 for $40.00 no matter what it is. According to these are the Leed High Pair from the Barkley Pack and released on 10/06/07. I do know the first time I ever saw them was at some mall in Orlando while on vacation with my wife, son, and sister-in-law. Think I bought 5 pairs of shoes while on that vacation but these weren't one of them. Worked out for me.

Nike Hyperdunk
Colorway: Black / Black / Anthracite
Cost: $110.00 / Paid $110.00
Bought At The Footaction Columbia Mall
These are the first Hyperdunks Nike released and at the time were considered the Kobe Bryants before as he was the first player to really hype and promote these shoes. I got them the day them dropped just cause I thought they were the first tech shoe Nike had done in years that were good looking enough to rock as a everyday shoe. They are amazingly light thanks to the Flywire technology that debuted in these. Just a simple black shoe that still works to this day as evident be the fact that Nike hasn't really changed the shoe all these years later.

Saturday April 2nd 2011
Air Jordan Retro 2 (Silver Anniversary Edition)
Colorway: White / Metallic Silver / Neutral Gray
Cost: $135.00 / Paid: $135.00
Bought At The Footaction Columbia Mall
I do know that I wore these Saturday April 2nd when I was in a bad mood as my Kentucky Wildcats fell to the Huskies. Got these back when they dropped, was at the mall bright and early with a small group eager to get them. These didn't sell quite like I thought they would (and probably like Nike  Jordan thought they would), not really sure why unless it was due to the fact that Nike Jordan flooded the market with these 25th Anniversary models. Instead of spacing them out, they dropped a pair or two a month and it was hard for the average cat to keep up. Plus the colorway didn't pop the way most people expected. I liked them then and still do. Plus I think the 2 is an underrated Jordan model, it's just a nice clean model to me. I like the white and silver with the reflective trim around the toe. But I do know a lot of people were expecting this collection to be all white so I can see why they were disappointed.

Sunday April 4th 2011 (a/k/a Wrestlemania 27 Day)
Nike Air Max 95 "Mints"
Colorway: White / New Green / Neutral Gray / Medium Grey
Cost: $145.00 / Paid $70.00
Bought At The Footaction Outlet Columbia SC
Biggest reason I remember exactly what day I wore these is that this is the pair I wore to Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta GA. First time it was close enough for me to go and I made sure I was there. Bought my tickets soon as they went on sale last November and counted down the days. I know some, or most of you might be laughing at me but I don't care. It kicked all kinds of ass and me and my boy Mike had a ball. Rocked the "Mint" AM95's since they went with the Roc-A-Wear polo I was wearing and wanted something comfortable and simple for the evening. We had plans on getting something to eat before hand and wanted something semi nice for the restaurant but once we saw the lines we went straight to the Georgia Dome. Great memories and I was wearing on of my personal favorites on my feet to make it even better. Love the '95s almost as much as the '90s and this pair is a great colorway. Plus you can't beat paying only $70.00 for them.

Aight, enough for now. One week down, another to go. I'll handle that tomorrow while waiting on my new couch to arrive. Till then, Cheapsoles