Friday, January 14, 2011

The Day Before

So today is the day before my lil sis wedding so it's been a long day. Had to take Mason (my son) to get his suit then go find a shirt to wear myself which ended up costing me $80 or so. Was across the street from the Footaction Outlet (which is a real outlet not one of those fake outlets you see at these outlet malls) but couldn't go since I had to get home and get cleaned up for the rehearsal this evening. Almost went to the Banana Republic store at Columbiana Centre just so I swing by the DTLR in there and see how my boy Jack is doing and to see whats on sale this week but again, rehearsal was more important. Plus he's been out of school all week and I swear if they don't open those schools on Tuesday I'm running away. This week has me dreading summer this year.

Just to let you non-readers know, the black & purple Penny 1's, the Jordan CMFT Viz 11's, and the Jordan CMFT Viz 12's all drop today or tomorrow. The Penny's are the best to me but I also have some different tastes then most. That's one of the bad things about this part of the country, but also one of the best. People here have no real idea how great the non-Jordan retros Nike does are. Like I said yesterday, the Pippens never sell here because the kids have no idea what they are or won't drop $190 on some shoe that's not a Jordan. Plus they are still rocking AF-1's here like they're still in style. It's really kind of sad and one of the worst things about the old shoe business I used to run.

I would buy shoes from the Footaction Outlet and then go out of town to resell them and those country people always wanted AF-1's no matter how much you tried to convince & show them that Blazers, Dunks, & all kind of other Nike's were whats in actual style. No matter how great the shoe was they didn't want it because it wasn't an AF-1. Plus the other huge problem was the fact that they always wanted all-white AF-1s which I hate with a passion. To me the only reason to have a pair is if you need them for work, anybody else who wears them falls into 1 of 2 categories to me. 1) They are someone with no style who can't dress and wants one pair of shoes to match every outfit or 2) they are broke as hell and want one pair of shoes to go with every outfit.

But that's enough moaning and complaining for today so going to sign off for now. Tomorrow's post will be up after the wedding not that there is anybody reading this. See you then, Cheapsoles

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