Thursday, March 10, 2011

King Of The Mountain And Proof Nike Is Flooding The Market

Nike Air Max 90 Premium
"King of The Mountain" / "Mowabb"
Champagne / Cream / Sport Royal
Nike Mowabb 3
Today's shoe is the Nike Air Max 90 Premium "King of thr Mountain" or "Mowabb" depending on who you ask. They are called "King of the Mountain" because it says King of the Mountain across the heel and on the insole. They are also called the "Mowabb's" because the colorway is directly inspired by the Nike Mowabb 3. The colorway for this pair is Champagne / Cream / Sport Royal although they also include orange and black. They retailed for $110 and surprise, surprise, that is exactly what I paid for them when I bought them back in 2008. I got them from Commonwealth in the Norfolk / Virgina Beach area that December when we went up there to visit my wife's family over the holiday's. That was the same day I bought my pairs of SB Dunk Mid "Moats" & "Spider-Mans".

These '90s have a black fish scale mudguard and a clear sole with eyeball and open mouth drawn on the bottom. They also came with a set of secondary laces in an orange & blue speckled pattern. They are a little much even for me so they have been in the box the entire time I've owned them. As a matter of fact, I've only worn these a handful of times because I didn't have anything to match them like I wanted until last week when I got a great William Rast button up from Target (William Rast is Justin Timberlake's clothing line and the shirt was 75% off). I usually just wore a black t-shirt but now I actually have something with the right shade of blue and champagne to really set the shoes off. Of course, I can't wear the shoes again for almost a year.

So I went to DTLR today and took a few pics of some of the things they still have in stock that were hyped up as huge releases but are still sitting on their shelves. Proves that Nike is either over producing certain models or are dropping to many models to closely together.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nike Air Max 90 Boot & Going Twitter Happy

Nike Air Max 90 Boot
Baroque Brown / Volt / Varsity Purple
Since today was supposed to be another rainy day here in South Carolina, it did actually rain today just not until I was in for the night, I went with this pair of Nike Air Max 90 Boots. These have been in the stash for about three years now and get pulled out two or three times a year depending on the weather and my mood. Since they're in the upstairs part of the collection I have to be in the mood to get them that morning. Plus I have to do it without the kids noticing or else I have two little followers up the stairs. These shoes retailed for $120.00 originally and I got them for $26.00 at the Footaction Outlet in Columbia. The colorway is listed as Baroque Brown / Volt / Varsity Purple but there are also touches of green, red, and black in the shoe. The insole has what looks to be a Marching Band Leader and markings for a football field. Not really sure what the point of that is and can't find any information online so maybe somebody at Nike was just bored. Or maybe these were supposed to be part of some package but the other shoes got shelved. As the Tootsie Pop ad says, "The world may never know.".

Since it was a dreary day and I didn't have much to do I got bored and just went twitter crazy for a little while. Actually, twitter and facebook crazy to be honest. Part of the problem is I finally got rid of my HTC Touch Pro 2 which was a great phone but since it was Windows based there were almost no apps for it. I could use facebook & twitter on it but it was more trouble then it was worth. Now I have a Samsung Epic and just started tweeting and posting whatever popped into my head today. Next thing I know I'm having conversations with a bunch of my friends from Aiken about all kind of things. I think me and my boy Chris even decided to start going to storage unit auctions to see what we can get. Both of us have been watching way to much A&E and History Channel. Plus I've been listening to a lot of '90s era R&B and Hip-Hop and started tweeting about one hit wonder artists all day. I've always wondered what happens to guys like that. Are the kids from Rottin Razkals working at the cable company now? Where are all the guys from Portrait and Lo-Key? Are the girls from Jade selling Avon now? This is what happens when I have to much time alone. I really need to find a job or better hobby. Till tomorrow, Cheapsoles

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nike Air Force 1 Premium '07 "Bone" & Random Thoughts

Nike Air Force 1 Premium '07 "Bone"
Light Bone / Light Bone / Volt / Black
Today's shoe is the Nike Air Force 1 Premium '07 "Bone" which might be the official nickname or could just be be what somebody wrote on the box in the Foot Locker stockroom but I like it so I've always gone with it. The official colorway is listed as Light Bone / Light Bone / Volt / Black so I assume "Bone" is the nickname. I bought these at the Footaction Outlet at least 2 years ago where they were on sale for 70% off the original retail price of $125, that's means I paid $37.50 for them which to me is a helluva deal. The laces and lining are a very bright almost neon green which is the "volt" color in the colorway listing.The outside of the shoe is a combination of some very nice premium leather and what appears to be a hard canvas material. The insole has what looks to be apples printed on it which must have some meaning but I haven't been able to find it. All in all, these are a very nice pair of Premium AF1's and when worn with the right shirt really pop. Plus the colors will always get comments and noticed so they are great when trying to get noticed.

So been a while since I did this but here goes, why do people keep asking God to help with gas prices on Facebook like God really check their status updates? And just so those of you who haven't made the connection, complaining about gas prices and electricity prices is the same damn thing. Your electric bill is high because of the price of gas. And instead of bitching about gas prices why don't you bitch about the fact that we have to use gas instead of several alternative fuel options? Why do women give Alicia Keys a pass for wrecking Swizz Beats family but act like Angelina Jolie is the worst person ever? Seriously, what has Jen Anniston done since Brad left to make you believe that marriage would have lasted anyways? She been passed around Hollywood more then Superhead at a video shoot. Speaking of Superhead, can we just start calling Amber Rose "Superhead V.2"? You went from Kanye to Wiz and trying to pretend like you traded up? And I know I'm bout to piss some people off with this one but Jennifer Hudson needs to do a movie or drop a CD asap. She's getting real close to being famous for being the singer who's family was killed. People act like she was a huge megastar before that. She has been in two movies people remember and two other movies nobody saw and has dropped one album which, lets be honest, didn't sell until after the tragedy. Not saying I'm not a fan, but all anybody talks about is what happened not her talent. Plus she lost to much weight, she to skinny now. One last thing, why in the hell does anybody watch "America's Next Top Model"? None of those women have ever done anything. I have no idea who has won any season of that show but these girls supposed to be famous models for winning. And by the way, there is no such thing as a supermodel anymore so unless you talking about one of the originals stop using the word.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Back To Reality a/k/a Friday's, Saturday's, Sunday's & Today's Shoes

So I'm finally posting something new after a wonderful weekend getaway with my wife. We went to Charleston for the weekend sans children and actually got to sleep late, eat at good restaurants, and got to do some shopping in grown-up stores. I still wore a different pair of shoes everyday but even though I packed the laptop, once I got there I decided to hell with that, I'll just write a wrap-up post on Monday when I get back. So here's the run down from the weekend.

I know Friday's are supposed to be Nike SB Friday's but the weather here is so insane that I've decided to just wear SB's whenever I want. This supposed to rain so I don't wear SB's but then it never rains is getting old so no more SB Friday's. So this Friday I went with some Nike Blazer's in a simple Black / Light Taupe / Black colorway. They retailed for $78.00 and I got them for $30.00 at the Footaction Outlet. I like them because of the simple colorway plus the material is great for bad weather so since it was supposed to rain I went with those.

On Saturday I went with some nice Nike Dunk High Premium's in a Baroque Brown / White / Stone colorway. A simple brown shoe that easily matches several shirts and that I knew would hold up if there was bad weather in Charleston. These shoes retailed for $108.00and I got them for $40.00 at the Footaction Outlet back when I was selling shoes and sold them for $55.00. This pair was one of the leftovers from when I closed up shop. I actually liked them but I liked making a profit off them more so I never got myself a pair so having a leftover pair in a size 13 wasn't that bad.

Sunday I went with another brown shoe, made packing easier, a Nike Air Max '95 in a Sail / Shock Orange / Dark Cinder / Medium Brown colorway. I also got these from the Footaction Outlet for a really great price, I payed $40.00 for them when they retailed for $140.00. They are a classic shoe that dresses up really well. I wore them yesterday with a Tommy Hilfiger button up I picked up Saturday for $11.00 at the Hilfiger Outlet store. The '95s are my second favorite behind the 90's. Just a great shoe in a great colorway.

And that brings us to today which is Non - Nike Monday and today's shoes is the Adidas Superstar II PT (Def Jam) Young Jeezy's. I got these from the Footaction Outlet last December along with 3 other pairs of Def Jam Adidas. These retailed for $90.00 and I paid $40.00 for them which made them $10 more expensive then the other 3 pairs. These pairs feature a pic of Young Jeezy on the tongue, Young Jeezy written across the insole, and Snowman written across the heel tab. They look great as a dressed up sneaker with some dark jeans and a nice polo shirt.
That's all for now, plan to do a little more later this afternoon with a full rundown of the weekend including a report from my visit to the Nike Factory Outlet, Converse Outlet, and several other stores at the Outlet Mall in Charleston. Till then, Cheapsoles.