Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Terrible End To A Great Day

So now that my Falcons have completely stunk up the Georgia Dome I feel the need to vent and this might be the only place to do it. Up until now I had been having a pretty great day, saw my lil sis get married to a guy I actually like, my wife looked smoking hot as a bridesmaid, my kids stole the show as the ring bearer & flower girl, and they even behaved and didn't act crazy walking down the aisle. And now my team, who has looked great all season, is getting destroyed by Green Bay and doing all the dumb things they didn't do all season on the way to a #1 seed. And the worst part might be the fact that my brother is a Bears fan & his wife is a Pats fan so if both their teams win tomorrow that's even more crap I have to put up with. Just cant win for losing in this life.

But I guess if the worst I have to deal with my football team losing and catching hell about it I really don't have a whole lot to complain about. I mean it could be worse right? At least that's what people always say, but then again those people could be losers who are just trying to make themselves feel a little better.

Now I guess I have more time to think about what shoes to wear tomorrow now. Might go with some Reebok's since they always seem to ruin a good thing just like my Falcons did tonight. Every time they get a good shoe going they do something to the design to completely screw it up. Sounds like a perfect parallel to the Falcons season.

Oh well, tune in tomorrow to see which Reebok's I pull outta the closet, see you then, Cheapsoles

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