Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today's Sales Pt. 1 (1/20/11) a/k/a If You Only Wear It Once You Got Your Money Out Of It

So I went back by the FootAction Outlet today and they had one of their trademark specials going. There was a table full of Men's Pony City Wing Hi's in 4 different colorways on sale for only $14.99. These shoes retail for $69.99 so this is a huge savings for these simple but stylish shoe. Now I know a lot of you don't know about Pony's or think they are some cheap shoe they would never wear. And some of you are probably those "Sneakerheads" (and I use that term loosely) who only wear Nike's or Jordan's and don't have the style or cache to pull these off or aren't open minded enough to even think about rocking these. But those you who are real sneakerheads or like rocking things that are a little different or have your own style these might be right up your alley. Plus for only $14.99 even if you only wear them with a certain outfit or only once or twice you've got your money out of it. Anyways on to the pics, won't be doing the captions today since they are all the same shoe and all the same price.

So that's all four pairs of the Pony City Wings Hi (a/k/a the Spud Webb's) they have at the Footaction Outlet for only $14.99. If you grab some let them know Cheapsoles sent you please. Adding the sales at DTLR later today so check back soon, Cheapsoles

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