Monday, January 17, 2011

Today's Pair - Jackie Robinson Blazers

So I decided that since today is MLK Day I would wear a pair of the Jackie Robinson Blazers Nike put out in 2009 as a sort of tribute not necessarily to Dr. King himself put to all the people who took part in the struggle for equal rights large or small. Jackie Robinson is the most important athlete in US history and the courage and determination he showed in being the first black player in the Major Leagues was extraordinary. It's because of people like Robinson and Dr. King and several others that my family looks the way it does (I'm white, my wife is black, & our two kids are beautiful shades of both). 

Now about the shoe itself, they are Nike Blazer High's with the colorway listed as Dark Grey / White / Varsity Red. There were 3 colorways in the series, a red pair and a blue pair along with these grey pair. They retailed for $78.00 and I got the from the Footaction Outlet for $30 if my memory serves me. It is possible they might have only been $20 but I don't think so. Also I don't think I ever explained why I don't give performance reviews so I will now. Back in August of 1995 I fell asleep while driving, flipped my car, and shattered my L1 vertebra and as such have no feeling in my feet. Since I don't feel my feet it would be rather hard for me to tell you if a shoe is comfortable since they all feel the same to me. Hell, I could wear a pair of cement blocks and they would feel the same as a pair of Nike Shox. What I can tell you is that I like the way these Blazers look. They have the classic lines all Blazers have along with the ragged white coloring all around the swoosh which catches your eye instantly. Now like all Blazers I would suggest going a half size to full size up in the sizing due to the narrowness of the shoe and also be prepared to unlace them all the way down to get them on. Blazers sometimes take a little extra work but they are worth it it me.

Later today I'll be going by the Footaction Outlet and DTLR to see what the sales are and should be reporting on that later today. Make sure you check back to stay updated and I'll see you then, Cheapsoles


  1. ay man say you on twitter fam, your quite the sneaker enthusiast man and they kicks look right. I would love to order some kicks in the near future or even accept some in exchange for help with marketing and helping you spread your name. get at me!/travbornagain

  2. Good choice for today. Let's see what's in store for tomorrow. How many you got total?