Sunday, January 16, 2011

Need Your Help With Tomorrow's Pair

So since tomorrow is MLK Day I'm trying to decide if I should wear the "Untold Truth" Satchel Paige Nike Air Max 90's or if I should wear the Jackie Robinson Nike Blazers as a sort of tribute to Dr. King and the movement he stood for. If you don't know who Jackie Robinson is you should feel ashamed no matter if your a sports fan or hate sports. He is the reason why guys like Michael Jordan & LeBron James are able to do what they do today. If not for Robinson I wouldn't be wearing these ugly Adidas Kobe K8's  "Crazy 8's" today because there might not be a Kobe Bryant to have a signature model. Robinson was the man who broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball with the Brooklyn Dodgers (yes kids the Dodgers started in New York not L.A.) in 1947. He endured hell that year and never once let it affect him. He is the definition of a hero and is the only player in MLB to have his number retired across the sport.

As for Satchel Paige & the "Untold Truth" series, these are a series Nike did several years ago to honor the teams and players of the Negro Baseball League. Satchel was an amazing pitcher who was a legend in his own time. He eventually made it into the Majors the year after Robinson (1948) and was the 1st black pitcher in the American Leagues as a member of the Cleveland Indians.

So there is my dilemma. Hoping maybe the few people who read this will give me their opinion and help me decide which way to go. Thanks, Cheapsoles.

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