Thursday, March 10, 2011

King Of The Mountain And Proof Nike Is Flooding The Market

Nike Air Max 90 Premium
"King of The Mountain" / "Mowabb"
Champagne / Cream / Sport Royal
Nike Mowabb 3
Today's shoe is the Nike Air Max 90 Premium "King of thr Mountain" or "Mowabb" depending on who you ask. They are called "King of the Mountain" because it says King of the Mountain across the heel and on the insole. They are also called the "Mowabb's" because the colorway is directly inspired by the Nike Mowabb 3. The colorway for this pair is Champagne / Cream / Sport Royal although they also include orange and black. They retailed for $110 and surprise, surprise, that is exactly what I paid for them when I bought them back in 2008. I got them from Commonwealth in the Norfolk / Virgina Beach area that December when we went up there to visit my wife's family over the holiday's. That was the same day I bought my pairs of SB Dunk Mid "Moats" & "Spider-Mans".

These '90s have a black fish scale mudguard and a clear sole with eyeball and open mouth drawn on the bottom. They also came with a set of secondary laces in an orange & blue speckled pattern. They are a little much even for me so they have been in the box the entire time I've owned them. As a matter of fact, I've only worn these a handful of times because I didn't have anything to match them like I wanted until last week when I got a great William Rast button up from Target (William Rast is Justin Timberlake's clothing line and the shirt was 75% off). I usually just wore a black t-shirt but now I actually have something with the right shade of blue and champagne to really set the shoes off. Of course, I can't wear the shoes again for almost a year.

So I went to DTLR today and took a few pics of some of the things they still have in stock that were hyped up as huge releases but are still sitting on their shelves. Proves that Nike is either over producing certain models or are dropping to many models to closely together.

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