Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nike Air Force 1 Premium '07 "Bone" & Random Thoughts

Nike Air Force 1 Premium '07 "Bone"
Light Bone / Light Bone / Volt / Black
Today's shoe is the Nike Air Force 1 Premium '07 "Bone" which might be the official nickname or could just be be what somebody wrote on the box in the Foot Locker stockroom but I like it so I've always gone with it. The official colorway is listed as Light Bone / Light Bone / Volt / Black so I assume "Bone" is the nickname. I bought these at the Footaction Outlet at least 2 years ago where they were on sale for 70% off the original retail price of $125, that's means I paid $37.50 for them which to me is a helluva deal. The laces and lining are a very bright almost neon green which is the "volt" color in the colorway listing.The outside of the shoe is a combination of some very nice premium leather and what appears to be a hard canvas material. The insole has what looks to be apples printed on it which must have some meaning but I haven't been able to find it. All in all, these are a very nice pair of Premium AF1's and when worn with the right shirt really pop. Plus the colors will always get comments and noticed so they are great when trying to get noticed.

So been a while since I did this but here goes, why do people keep asking God to help with gas prices on Facebook like God really check their status updates? And just so those of you who haven't made the connection, complaining about gas prices and electricity prices is the same damn thing. Your electric bill is high because of the price of gas. And instead of bitching about gas prices why don't you bitch about the fact that we have to use gas instead of several alternative fuel options? Why do women give Alicia Keys a pass for wrecking Swizz Beats family but act like Angelina Jolie is the worst person ever? Seriously, what has Jen Anniston done since Brad left to make you believe that marriage would have lasted anyways? She been passed around Hollywood more then Superhead at a video shoot. Speaking of Superhead, can we just start calling Amber Rose "Superhead V.2"? You went from Kanye to Wiz and trying to pretend like you traded up? And I know I'm bout to piss some people off with this one but Jennifer Hudson needs to do a movie or drop a CD asap. She's getting real close to being famous for being the singer who's family was killed. People act like she was a huge megastar before that. She has been in two movies people remember and two other movies nobody saw and has dropped one album which, lets be honest, didn't sell until after the tragedy. Not saying I'm not a fan, but all anybody talks about is what happened not her talent. Plus she lost to much weight, she to skinny now. One last thing, why in the hell does anybody watch "America's Next Top Model"? None of those women have ever done anything. I have no idea who has won any season of that show but these girls supposed to be famous models for winning. And by the way, there is no such thing as a supermodel anymore so unless you talking about one of the originals stop using the word.

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