Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wearing Something Ugly Because Nobody Else Will or Today's Nike Blazer High

Nike Blazer High
Black / Black / Cherrywood Red / Varsity Purple
We've all been there, you go into the sneaker spot and see some insanely ugly shoe and think there is no way anybody will ever buy those. Then the next time you see them they don't look quite as ugly, and then they start looking kind of hot plus you know that nobody has bought a pair so you'll be the only person with them. Then you start telling yourself that you know how to set them off, that the reason nobody has bought them is because they just don't know how rock them. And that is how you end up owning a ugly, weird looking pair of Blazer High's that nobody else would touch. The upside is that you got them on sale for a great price because they sat on the shelves so long they got sent to the clearance store. That is the story behind the Blazers I'm rocking today. I kept seeing these at Foot Locker every time I went to see friends or to pick up the latest release and they just kept growing on me. As a Blazer fan I guess I saw more potential in them then other people who kept telling me I was crazy. I knew they weren't selling so I just kept waiting and waiting and eventually they ended up at the Footaction Outlet where I picked them up for only $20.00 as opposed to the retail price of $78.00.

The purple in this shoe is what kept pulling me in, probably a by product of growing up in Prince's heyday and being a huge fan. Purple Rain is both my favorite movie and Cd so when I come across a sneaker with purple in it I usually end up with it. Of course, Nike tends to use purple mainly in women's and children's shoes so my choices are limited. They did manage to release the new Penny 1's in a black and purple colorway this year, the year I'm taking off of course. Little FYI, whenever I have worn these I have gotten compliments on the uniqueness of them and the way I matched them up.

I did manage to get by the Footaction Outlet and the DTLR store here in town and do have a little news. First, they have plenty of new stuff in at the Outlet including several new Rock Smith shirts, Flightposite II's and Air Max Up Tempo's. The big news from DTLR is the fact that they will have the "Entourage" LeBron 8 V2's on March 4th. These things are nasty, if you haven't seen them you need to check out or and do a search for them. Nike is really going all out with the LeBron this year and the response has been very positive from everyone I've spoken too. Well enough for today, till tomorrow, Cheapsoles

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