Monday, February 7, 2011

Non-Nike Monday's - Adidas Superstar II PT (Def Jam) or Now What Do I Do On Sunday

Adidas Superstar II PT Def Jam 25th Anniversary
Sorry about throwing this up so late today but had a dentist appointment this year that became way more involved then it was supposed to and still has my mouth numb 4 hours later. Add to that the fact that I didn't get to bed until 3:00 AM last night so didn't put as much thought into today's pair. Just grabbed something that was close and already in the house in a effort to save time. These are the Adidas Superstar II Def Jam 25th Anniversary Edition's. The colorway is metallic silver / cardinal / run white they retailed for $90.00. I got them from the Footaction Outlet in December for $40.00 along with 3 other pairs of Def Jam Adidas that were even less at $30.00 apeice. If you have a keen eye you can see the Def Jam imprint on the heel and the special Def Jam logo tongue. They also have the Def Jam record arm logo on the insole of the shoe. As somebody who grew up during the golden era of Def Jam these shoes were a must have for me. The 1st rap cassette (yes I said cassette, I'm that old) I ever bought was Beastie Boys's "Licensed To Ill" followed by L.L. Cool J's "Bigger and Deffer". The fact that Def Jam has survived 25 years is impressive when you look back at other hip-hop labels  who have come and gone in that time. Throw in the fact that Adidas is the original hip-hop shoe and this is the perfect match.

Now as for last night, karma is alive and well and we all saw it last night. Brett Farve was at home watching after having the worst year of his life while Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers were winning the Super Bowl. Plus Big Ben (not even trying to spell that last name) losing the game after the offseason he had was nice too. The big question is what will I do on Sundays now? I mean I could watch the NBA but the Sunday games are kind of boring compared to what you get during the week with TNT plus nobody really cares about the NBA until the playoffs anyways. Also, am I the only person who catches themselves paying more attention to what's on the players feet then the game sometimes? Especially when it's guys with signature models or players like Gilbert Arenas who has what might be the the meanest sneaker game going right now. He just doesn't care what he's wearing right now. He just grabs whatever is in his closet that catches his eye that day. And his closet runs deep from the looks of it. Maybe I'll let my small town roots come out and watch a little Nascar every once in awhile. Or I could just leave the TV off and do somethings around the house. Guess we'll find out next week. Till tomorrow, Cheapsoles

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