Saturday, February 5, 2011

Still Raining But Found Something In The Stash For A Rainy Day or The Nike Air Terra Humara

Nike Air Terra Humara
Still raining out there so still not rocking anything to special, but I did find these Air Terra Humara's in the stacks when I went upstairs to get the Air Max 90 Boots I originally planned on wearing today. After thinking it over I realized today was the perfect day for these outdoor, all weather running shoes. Only plans I have today are going to the grocery store later to pick up supplies for the dinner I'm cooking tonight. No need to break fly if the bag boys will be the only people to benefit right? These Terra's retailed for $90.00 but I got them from the Footaction Outlet for only $30.00 so not to upset when they get a little wet. The colorway on them is black / dark red / orange blaze / stealth which Nike also used on a Air Max TL 2.5 I have upstairs. I did pick up a few pairs to sell but only after having them sit for several months I had to sell them at a discount just to get my money back. I guess people weren't ready for a shoe that didn't look like a Jordan, AF1, or Air Max. I actually really dig the orange and grey against the black and love the grey speckled sole. They also had this same shoe in a all black colorway but it just didn't look right. To many different materials blended together, it was just off a little bit. I did, however, get a friend of mine a pair of the all blacks for her to wear to work and she loved them. They wear very durable and handled the rigors of working in a plant and she loved the comfort of them. She had several co-workers wanting pairs but by the time the asked the outlet was out of them. They shouldn't have slept on the shoe but that's a small town for you.

I do want to say thanks to my sister for babysitting last night since she does read this on occasion (including yesterday when I joked her about having no life). Thanks to her, my wife and I got to enjoy a nice relaxing dinner at a grown up restaurant and talk without constantly having to answer a children's question, tell them to sit down, or to be quiet and eat. I enjoyed a wonderful she crab soup and fillet while she had the mixed grill, salad, and a nice drink. Hopefully we can do that a little more often, even if it's just going to the local pizza spot. Just enjoyed the peace and quiet for a few hours. All in all, last night was a great night, alone time with my wife, great meal, and won my eBay auction for this beat up old Vision Marty "Jinx" Jimenez skateboard I wanted for the wall upstairs. Now if I just win these two old Powell Peralta banners I'm bidding on and Green Bay comes thru tomorrow it'll be a great weekend. Oh yeah, need this citrus rice salad I'm making today to turn out OK also. Let you know about that tomorrow, Cheapsoles

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