Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today's Pair - Nike Air Max TL4 SL or The Shoe Everybody Claims Is Super Comfortable But My Dead Feet Can't Tell

So today's shoe is the Nike Air Max TL4 SL which I've been told by various friends and customers and even my wife is extremely comfortable. As I said before she is a Shox girl but she considers her TL4's to be on the same level. I have 5 pair of them because I like them since every shoe is comfortable on my dead feet. They retailed for $125.00 bit I got them for $40.00 at the Footaction Outlet. This was the last pair I purchased of the 5 pair and I believe I got them at the beginning of last year. The official colorway on them black / black / varsity red which really looks great together. The red is very subtle and well placed. One of the big reasons I love this shoe is the fact that I have never seen them in any store (aside from the Footaction Outlet) or on any website. The only people I know who even wear these shoes are my wife, on of my boys who got his 2 pairs from the Footaction Outlet with me, and my old customers who bought them from me. Maybe the rest of the country is up on this shoe but not here in Columbia. Oh well, we're always playing catch up here. Enough for now, be back later today, Cheapsoles

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