Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today's Shoe - Nike Dunk High Premium "Croc Stars" a/k/a It's Sunday So Nothing To Fancy Please

Since it's Sunday I figured might as well just go with some simple Nike Dunk High Premium's from 2006. These were nicknamed the "Crocodile Stars" due to the faux croc skin pattern in the leather and the stars on the heel of the shoe. The official colorway is black / white / quasar purple and they retailed for $90.00. I recently saw a pair on for $115.00 put the only size they had was a 15. I bought my pair at the Footaction Outlet (yes I buy a lot of shoes there, I know) for $30 in 2010. They stumbled across them in the back hidden away in some pile of stashed but never bought shoes they were holding. 
Easy To See The Croc Skin Pattern & Stars Leading To The Name

Nothing really that fancy with this pair, just a nice mix of colors and materials with some interesting texture thrown in for good measure. This shoe is a perfect example of why I love shopping at the Footaction Outlet (by the way, working on getting a list of all the Footaction Outlets across the country for you guys). This is the type of shoe you might pass on at the store or keep planning to get but never quite make it by the store. Or maybe every time you went to get it something else jumped out at you and you bought that instead. But thanks to places like the Outlet you can finally pick it up and at a fraction of the original price. Plus by then everybody else has either stopped wearing theirs or they arent new looking anymore and your's are fresh out the box crisp.

Now I know yesterday I mentioned that I planned to post another entry because I had some things I wanted to get off my chest regarding all the companies and various models in particular but I got caught up doing somethings around the house with the family so never got to it. Might try to get it done today but with the Championship games on plus my wife's mother and sister coming over and me cooking tonight's meal it might not happen. But Monday is empty house day so if not today then for sure on Monday. Until then, Cheapsoles.

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