Monday, January 24, 2011

My Rantings, Ravings, & Complaints Posting Of The Week a/k/a Crap I Don't Like

Back on Saturday I mentioned that I planned to write another post about all the things I wanted to get off my chest but plenty of stuff came up so it never happened. Now I'm thinking that I might just make it a Monday afternoon regular just so I can include stuff from the weekend in there. Please let me know what you think or if you disagree with me in any way, shape or form.

Firstly, a few things about the "Cement" Retro 3's from this weekend. From what I gathered from the Internet and talking to a few friends from various stores the shoes didn't quite fly off the shelves like Nike sorry meant Jordan (have to pretend like they are 2 different companies or somebody might come after me) expected. I love that they released them in the retro box and from what I was told this seemed to sway a lot of none sneaker head buyers. And from the pics had up today of the Black History Month 3's it appears to be a idea Nike Jordan is going to stick with for at least a little while. But I  also saw people complaining on Twitter that the box was sub par cardboard and not on the $150 level. Plus several people seemed to think the quality wasn't up to the level of the '06 release. But perhaps the biggest complaint was the fact if Nike Jordan was going to go all out with the retro box and key chain and OG colorway why didn't they just go all the way and put the Nike Air logo back on the shoe like the original versions. As for why they didn't sell, seems like Nike Jordan over produced them and maybe, just maybe, it was a little early in the year to drop one of the headline retro's of the year. You had the Altitude 13's, the white / black / varsity red 13's, the Doernbecher 3's, and the Cool Grey 11's all drop in December along with people having to buy Xmas gifts for people and in the first month of the year your going to ask the to drop $150 on another pair of shoes? Look I love sneakers and some people can afford that but not enough to make every pair of a widely available general release disappear in one day.

Next thing, I feel I need to clarify my feelings on the Air Force 1 after a disscussion I had with a friend at Footaction last week. I've said on this blog & have long told people my disdain for the all white & all black AF1. I just think they're simple plain shoes that only 3 type of people love. 1) people who need them for work, which while I understand, I think it's dumb to drop $90 on work shoes. 2) people who can;t dress, have no imagination, or have no style or fashion sense and want 1 shoe that will match every outfit. 3) broke people who want 1 shoe to go with every outfit, which seems mean but if your that broke maybe dropping $90 on a sub par quality shoe isn't the best idea. How about $30 on some skips that will probably last you just as long and then focua the other $60 on bettering your life and situation. As for the rest of AF1's, I don't really have a problem with them as much as I do the people who seem to think they are the only shoe Nike makes or still think they're in style. The AF1 was the it shoe for a few years thanks in huge part to Nelly and I'm sure it will be again but the only people rocking AF1's are folks in the country. Sorry but it's true, I can't remember the last time I saw a video or award shoe where someone was wearing some AF1's or the last time I saw people showing up at the mall before opening to get the latest AF1. A few years ago colorways sold out in a day, now they don't sell out in a month.  They'll come back around in a few years (like those ugly ass Gucci clothes that are in style every 6 or 7 years) and people will be running back to the mall to get them until Nike runs them into the ground again dropping a colorway a week and flooding the market. I won't be one of those people but guys like the man in the Footlocker store video who said he had 1500 pairs of shoes & over 1200 were AF1's will be there. By the way, that doesn't impress me in the slightest.

That brings to the third and final thing for now, we need some kind of guidelines or levels for sneaker heads. Just because you have a bunch of Jumpmans and Fusions in your closet doesn't make you a sneaker head. That makes you a mark for Jordan Brand who'll buy and peice of crap they stick a Jordan logo on. Seriously, if you ran out and copped the 6-17-23's like they were retro's then your not a sneaker head your a hypebeast. Now if your a Jordan head and your collection is mainly retro's of all years & numbers thats cool but if your like the guy I mentioned above with 1500 shoes & 1200 are AF1's that's not a sneaker head. Your a guy who likes AF1's not sneakers. Sneaker heads love all type of kicks, from all types of companies and all types of styles. I have Puma's, Pony's, New Balance, Reebok, Nike's, and Adidas in my stash. Real sneaker heads love retros and new releases. They get as excited for the latest Jordan retro as they do for that year's version of the Air Max. I understand we all have our one favorite brand and model but limiting yourself to one shoe just seems foolish to me.

Anyways, thats all for today. Got to save some things to bitch about next week, till later, Cheapsoles

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