Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today's Pair - Nike Blazer High a/k/a It's A Lazy Day So No Thought In The Pick

Today's pair is some Nike Blazer High's in a dark grey / white / baltic blue / black colorway. With the weather the way it is today down here in SC I decided to just let today be a kind of lazy day. Just going to hang at the house, do my push-up sets every 20 minutes, and watch Dan Patrick and RED today. No plans to go anywhere or do anything big so just grabbed a pair of blazers from the wall and threw them on before taking my daughter to daycare this morning. And yes, I'll be home all day while she's at daycare and I don't feel bad about it at all. She loves that place, her teacher, and seeing her friends there. Plus she is learning so much more then she would learn at home with me so I consider it the best $130 we spend every week.

Now back to the Blazers, these retailed for $78.00 and I got them for $30 at the Footaction Outlet last year. I remember that day because I bought 6 pairs of Blazers that day plus the HOF Jordan 2009 (those only cost me $60 by the way). Just thought the colors on this pair really worked well together and loved the nubuck. Plus as I've said before, I just really enjoy the overall look and design of the Blazer. It's simple yet stylish & classy. Just a well made shoe for the price. If only the boxes they came in weren't weak pieces of junk. But I guess for only $78.00 I shouldn't expect a whole lot.

Well that's all for today, I might jump back on this afternoon to give my opinion on a few things shoe wise and on other things. Till then, Cheapsoles

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