Friday, January 28, 2011

Nike SB Friday News

Nike "Iron Man" SB Dunk High
So I went by the local skate here in Columbia SC, Bluetile, and as you can see from the video they have tons of great stuff in stock right now. The "Iron Man", "Gortex", "Loons", "Yellow Curbs" and the Koston Dunk Lows are all in stock up there in various sizes. Not sure if I should be glad because it means that most people in Columbia won't have my shoes or sad that the so called sneakerheads in this town are letting these amazing and highly sought after SB's sitting at the shop gathering dust. They also have several SB Blazer High's, SB Dunk Mids, and SB Blazer CS colorways in stock. Plus several different colors in the Stefan Janoski SB Signature model.
Nike SB Stefon Janoski Signature Model
In addition to all these Nike SB models they have a full assortment of Adidas, Converse, and Vans on display. The guys at Bluetile do a great job keeping the latest models and styles in stock of not just the SB's which sell to the skaters and sneakerheads but also the strictly skater brands. Plus the guys never get greedy and keep the prices at what's printed on the box. That's actually pretty impressive considering what the resale value is on some of the shoes I've gotten from there. I've heard about several shops who jack up the price on the SB's they know will be collectible in the future. I have at least 6 pairs of SB Dunk Highs I bought from them that are now valued at over $200 which is double what I paid for them.

At this point I feel the need to mention the stuff on the floor that's on sale. Multiple Nike SB Dunk Lows including the "Wallenberg's" and the "Orange Hemp QS" on sale for $65.00. Both of those shoes are selling for $109.99 and $119.99 respectively on Plus the "Sub Pop" Blazer SB's are on sale for $49.99 in select sizes. Pics of all 3 pairs are located at bottom of the page.

This is the deal people, Nike SB's are a great shoe for skating and for sneakerheads and collectors. They are only sold at skate shops so you know the production runs are limited and these shoes are getting some of the best color and material combinations from Nike. If you love shoe or just like the freshest gear you need to go see the guys at Bluetile. They are located at 631 Harden St in Columbia SC and their number is (803) 376-1880 if your from out of town and want to call about a phone order. If you do make it by do me a favor and let them know Cheapsoles sent you. Check the pics below and in the next posting to see more of what they have and to get a view of the decks they carry too. Till tomorrow people, Cheapsoles.

Nike "Gortex" SB Dunk High

Nike "Loon" SB Dunk Low, Nike "Eric Koston" SB Dunk Low
Nike "Yellow Curb" SB Dunk Low

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