Sunday, February 13, 2011

Worst Sunday Of The Year or Getting Some Of The No Frills Out Of The Way

Nike Solo Flight 1
Black / Metallic Silver

Well this is the Sunday I generally consider the worst of the year. It's the Sunday after the Super Bowl and the Sunday before the 500 (the Daytona 500 for those of you who don't know) so there is pretty much nothing going on. I know some of you might say "what about the Heat - Celtics game?" but let's be serious, nobody really cares about the NBA until after the All-Star game. Or at least the trade deadline, that's when we'll know what the teams really look like. So in the spirit of this being a wasted Sunday, I decided to wear a pair of Nike Solo Flight 1's that I just bought on a whim and decided I kind of like so I ended up with 3 different colorways. The shoes aren't special, they aren't a great resale shoe, they are just a random Nike basketball shoe.

The shoe has what looks like a Kevlar upper and some suede around the laces. The colorway is black / metallic silver and they retailed for $88.00. I got them for $30.00 at the Footaction Outlet in 2009 along with a royal blue / black pair and a white / marina pair. We joked up there that the shoe is a cheap Foamposite wannabe but those of you who have a long enough memory can also see the resemblance to the "Gloves" Gary Payton used to rock.

I have a few different models that fall under this nothing special, no frills category that I hope to get out of the way before spring and early summer get here. I'll be out a lot more then so want to wear the good stuff then and not have a bunch of junk left I still need to rock. Think I'm done for now but after I rearrange the furniture in the bonus room and get my new Vision Marty "Jinx" Jimenez deck hung on the wall I got a few things to get of my chest. Make sure you check back later today, Cheapsoles.

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