Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Busy Shoe For A Busy Day or Today's Pair - Nike Dunk High Premium

Since today is going to be very busy for me I decided to go with a shoe that is a little busy too. Just a simple Nike Dunk High Premium but the use of so many different colors makes this shoe interesting. You have varsity red, marina blue, blur (Nike speak for gold), the bright green pop on the toe. Plus it's an interesting mix of leather and mesh. Not sure exactly when this shoe released but I believe it originally retailed for $90.00 and I got it for $27.00 at the Footaction Outlet. This is one of the shoes I bought to resell but after seeing it sit on the table for a few weeks I decided I might as well keep it for myself since it was my size. There are quite a few things in my stash I acquired this way. Shoes I thought were hot but the small town guys maybe weren't ready for. Then again since I got it from the Footaction Outlet, maybe I'm the one who's wrong.

When I saw these upstairs while putting away the Shox and TL4's from earlier this week I figured why not rock them today. I needed to pick out something last night since today is going to be so busy and these just fit. I have a early morning chiropractor appointment, a 10:00 dentist appointment for a chipped molar which will probably need a crown, and then a 1:00 massage appointment. Plus I have to hit up DTLR and the Footaction Outlet while I'm on that side of town. And did I mention I have to have my 2 year old daughter at her daycare by 8:30 to make sure she gets breakfast. Now I know some of you are probably thinking I'm a d-bag acting like the day is so hard for me and I can understand if you have to be at work at 7:00 AM and your kids have to catch a school bus at 6:15 in the morning. And you would be right to think that but I'm just saying for me today is a busy day. I know how good I have it and That's why you don't hear me complain about being in this wheelchair or other crap I have to deal with because of my back. I have a wonderful wife, two amazing beautiful children, and thanks to the VA a nice steady permenant monthly income (retired Navy). So trust me, I know I can seem like a d-bag to the guy struggling to make ends meet and hurting for a job and you might be right. But hell, I'll be that to you if it means me and mine are happy, healthy, and secure.
So if you think my busy day is a joke or my ranting and ravings about fake Jordans and bootleg Bentley Chrysler 300's is wrong, sorry. Well not really, I mean seriously, your reading a blog by a guy with over 200 pairs of shoes so what did you expect. Till tomorrow, Cheapsoles.

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