Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday's Ranting & Raving's Plus Non-Nike Monday's Shoe

So I had this great plan for today that has been completely wrecked now. Was going to rock some nice white and green Stan Smith's for Non-Nike Monday and had a massage scheduled for today to help my neck and shoulder. Then my little girl started feeling bad last night and I knew to go ahead and reschedule the massage. Sure enough, she woke up this morning and my wife instantly decided she was staying home from daycare today and that meant I was staying home all day too. Then I got my weather report text this morning and it's supposed to rain all day today so the Stan Smith's were out. That was when I realized today was a perfect chance to knock out a pair of these old Timberland's laying in the garage. Went with some Timberland Havana's 6" Padded Basic Brown Boots. These things have been in the closet so long I can't even remember when and where I bought them and what I paid for them. I probably got them back when I was in my Timberland phase the first few years after my accident. Back then I had a pretty hefty Timberland collection that I slowly got rid of as I started buying sneakers instead. The stronger my legs got and the more confidence I got in my ability to stand the less I needed boots to support my ankles and feet.  Now I only have about 5 or 6 pairs of Timbs left and they usually only get worn on rainy days. But after pulling these out might take them to then shoe shine guy and get them cleaned up and looking new again. That's on of the fun things about this little project of mine, rediscovering shoes that have been neglected or forgotten about in your stash. I recommend all sneaker heads try this if they ever want a challenge and to remember what all they have and the fun the had in acquiring their collection.

Now as far as Monday's ranting & ravings go, the big news of the week was the confirmation of the long whispered rumors of the "Concord" 11's being released along with the "Black Cement" 3's. The only problem with the "Concords" is the fact that they're the Dec. 23rd release this year which is kind of getting old. I know everybody loves the 11's and the "Space Jams" & "Cool Greys" sold out instantly but how about we let this year be the last of the Christmas 11's and in 2012 drop a different model. I doubt that will happen for 2 reasons, 1st) everybody loves the 11's and thinks they are the greatest Jordan ever and 2nd) Nike  Jordan knows exactly what they are doing with that knowledge. They don't drop any 11's during the year, they spruce up the packaging, and they make the shoe as close as possible to the original as they can. Only subtle and slight changes to the shoe as opposed to other retro's (mainly the 3's where they have completely removed any and all Nike logos and replaced them with Jordan logos instead) which keeps the customers coming back year after year. There is no other model that hasn't been retroed to death that they can use as the Christmas shoe unless they go with a later model number and nobody likes those anyways. So I guess we're going to keep getting the 11's as our Christmas release for the next couple of years. Maybe in 2012 they'll surprise us with a brand new colorway. We can always dream right?

As for the "Black Cement" 3's, hopefully they will be better quality then the pair in the Countdown Pack from October 2008. Most people Were not impressed with the overall quality of that pair but were so desperate for a pair of the "Black Cements" that they overlooked that fact and the fact that they had to pay $310 for them because they didn't really want the 20's but were stuck with them. If it was up to me Nike Jordan would make them exactly like the OG versions with the Nike Air on the heel tab and Nike on the bottom sole plus the retro box (which is different from the "Cement" box from earlier this year).  If they did that I would probably beg my wife to buy them for me or just say to hell with my no shoes rule and cop them myself but of course it won't happen. We all know Nike likes to pretend Jordan is it's own company which is kind of like saying we're all idiots right? If Jordan was it's own company he wouldn't be the owner of the Bobcat's, he couldn't own a team and own a company that pays players from other teams at the same time. That should be all it takes to dispel that rumor right? Oh well, that's enough for now, going to check on baby girl and see how she's doing. Till later, Cheapsoles

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