Thursday, January 20, 2011

Todays Pair - Nike Air Force 1 Mid Supreme Max Air '07 "China - Bejing Edition"

So today I decided to break out some old Air Force 1's that were released in '07. These are the Supreme level AF1's which is the top tier price level and quality materials. The leather on this pair is beautiful, very soft yet durable and of the highest quality in Nike's shoes. This is also one of the AF1's to be released with the Air Max technology in the soles. This is one of the few hybrid models that actually works as it doesn't do much to change the design of the shoe overall. The official colorway on this pair is Hasta / Natural Olive / Black / Varsity Red and they  retailed for $250.00. I purchased them in December of 2007 at Legends in Military Circle Mall in Norfolk VA on sale for $99.99. For those of you not familiar with Norfolk or Military Circle Mall this is a great shoe mall. You have a Footlocker, Footaction, Finish Line, DTLR, Legend's, Jimmy Jazz, & several other great shoe stores. Highly recommended if your ever in the Norfolk, Virgina Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton area of Virgina.

Now I know I've been blasting Nike quite a bit in recent posts but I do have to give them credit for several things they are doing with the Jordan Brand this year. First, I love that they are using the original boxes for both the "Cement" 3's and the "Banned" 1's dropping this year. I honestly hope that the great response & feedback from this will convince Nike to continue this trend with all their retro releases in the future. Secondly, it seems this year they are dropping multiple retro models in only 3 or 4 colorways each as opposed to previous years where they may have only dropped two retro models but in so many colorways that it killed the market. Last year they droped mainly retro 6's & 9's but in so many colorways and so close together that places like Footlocker & Footaction have stockpiles of deadstock which are now on sale for $99.99 or have already been shipped to the Footaction Outlet to be sold at 70% off in the very near future. This year they are dropping 4 pairs of retro 3's, 3 pairs of retro 7's, 3 or 4 pairs of retro 5's, & one or two other models but by limiting the colorways of each model this will help to keep them from sitting on shelves or warehouses.

Well that's it for now but will probably have more today as I've heard that there are some new sales at DTLR involving some very nice and desirable models. Till then, Cheapsoles

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