Thursday, March 3, 2011

Air Jordan 4 Retro LS "Lightning"

Air Jordan 4 Retro LS "Lightning"
Tour Yellow / Dark Blue / Grey / White
So like I said yesterday, the girls at Massage Envy had challenged me to wear something I considered special since I told them the pair I wore last month wear nothing special. This lead me to pull out these Air Jordan Retro 4 LS from the "Thunder & Lightning Pack" which released as a Nike Members Only Internet exclusive in August of 2006. There were two different Jordan Retro 4's in the pack. This was the cheaper of the two pairs at $250 and included a Special Edition Jordan T-Shirt. the other pair retailed for $500 and included a Special Edition Jacket. Since I enjoy being married and living I went with the cheaper of the two shoes. Plus, the other pair are in a majority black colorway and these stand out a whole lot more. Both colorways were inspired by the colors of Jordan's Motorcycle Team. The "Lightning" shoe is currently available on for $425 - $450 while the "Thunder" shoe is $950.

This shoes is the first real Jordan Exclusive I can remember buying. To this day I don't believe I have come across anyone in Columbia who has another pair much less the "Thunders". Of course there could be someone who never wears theirs and that is why I haven't seen them. I love my shoes but I bought them to wear them so if you ever see any dirt marks or anything like that in my pics that's why. Not knocking the deadstock / ice'em guy but that's hoarding not collecting to me. Oh well, I know I kept this short but me & the wife are going away for the weekend tomorrow sans kids and we've got lots to do around here. Gotta pack, clean up for the in-laws, and plan out what shoes to take. The next three post will be interesting to do since we'll be in Charleston but I plan to get them all done. Special thanks to my mother and sister in-law for staying at our house with my kids and I'll see you guys tomorrow, Cheapsoles

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