Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lightest Boots Ever or Today's Pair - Nike Lunarpath ETW

Nike Lunarpath ETW
Deep Burgundy / Stone / Black
Today was supposed to be snowy, wet, and nasty outside so when I got dressed this morning I grabbed these Nike ACG Lunarpath ETW boots before I bothered to look outside and realize that the weatherman was wrong. It's now 12:30 in the afternoon and sunny as can be outside and I wasted a great rainy day shoe I'll probably need later in the year. But since I've got them on I might as well extol the virtues of these things. Whoever developed this lunarlon technology at Nike is a genius. This is the lightest stuff I've ever seen used for any shoes. Everybody I know who has held this boot is amazed at how light weight it is. Nike is using this stuff in all kind of shoes but their boots and running shoes appear to be the products they are focusing on and it makes a huge difference. Their running shoes are now some of the lightest, most flexible, and comfortable shoes on the market.

As far as these boots go, they were a great buy at DTLR as they retailed for $125.00 and I got them for $49.99. They are now sold out at the stores here in Columbia SC but they do still have the black and blue pairs in stock and those are on sale for $39.99 still. I put a picture of them in a earlier post (1/20/11) if you want to check them out. This pair's colorway is listed as deep burgundy / stone / black and they are part of the ACG collection. The burgundy is really deep making them almost brown in color while the touches of black makes it quite easy to match them up with any black shirt or most of Nike's all black jackets, hoodies, and pullovers. Plus the hard leather makes them very easy to keep clean. This is a shoe I highly recommend, especially for the price. It's just a great all around boot you can stomp through the wet woods in or rock at the club with your grown man gear on. Till tomorrow, Cheapsoles

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